Why Us?

>Focused on Construction & You

Our firm is fanatically focused on two things: construction & you. We center our practice
on serving those in the construction industry, and unlike representation you might have
encountered in the past, Wolfe Law Group is concerned about results, because we’re
concerned about you.

>A Difference You Can Love

Imagine a law firm concerned about results, that cares about efficiency, and who focuses
on being innovative. Here we are. Entrepreneurs just like you. We have the mind of a lawyer and the heart of a contractor.

Licensed in Multiple States

Licensed in multi states, we can help you in more places. We practice in Louisiana, California, Washington & Oregon.

Construction Law Resource Leader

We're a leader in providing up-to-date and comprehensive construction law resources. Check our our industry leading blog, and join the conversation.

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An Effective Team

Our team consist of attorneys and staff members who love serving our clients in the construction community. We lead the industry in efficiency.

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Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Getting quality legal representation of your company is affordable. Stay ahead of your competition by having us review and draft documents for you on a flat fee basis.