Opinion or Research Letters


Avoiding expensive litigation or properly navigating an existing litigation requires you and your company to make certain choices. How to handle a certain legal situation, or how the law applies to your particular circumstances? In business, knowing how the law applies to you can make all the difference in the world.  But, how do you know?

You may think it’s too expensive or cumbersome to hire an attorney to provide you with general advice. Firms may require large up-front retainers, and then charge you for hours and hours of work. And since you’ll be charged on an hourly basis, there’s no certainty as to how long the legal research and opinion writing will take.

However, getting legal advice or a legal opinion is easy with Wolfe Law Group. We charge a flat published fee for performing legal research and providing you with a legal opinion.

Here are some examples of how a legal opinion may be helpful to you:

  • To get a second opinion on another attorney’s advice or work
  • Analyze licensing regulations and how they apply to your business
  • Advise you on Prevailing Wage requirements for a construction project
  • Analyze labor union regulations for a certain project or business
  • Analyze labor laws and how they relate to the hiring / firing of an employee
  • Opinion and suggestions on creating Collection Procedure for your business
  • Research of Legal Issue in Existing Litigation
  • Any other legal issue or advice required

In addition to getting information to help you or your company understand the law and how it applies to your situation, an opinion letter form an attorney may also help insulate you for future liability, as you may be able to rely on an attorney’s legal opinion in performing an action for a trust, a company, or other entity. A manager or member of a limited liability company, for example, has a fiduciary duty to the organization. If he or she acts in on the basis of a legal opinion received from an attorney, it will be very difficult to later show that the member or manager acted in “breach of the fiduciary duty,” as it was acting based upon legal advice received.

No matter what you need for a lawyer’s opinion, our firm can help.  Fill out the form below to get started.


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