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"Concentration is the secret of strength." --Ralph Waldo Emerson We Love Construction

Wolfe Law Group centers its law practice on the construction industry, representing contractors, suppliers, and construction professional of all shapes and sizes in legal matters that affect their business. We love construction because it's our roots. Our founding member's father and grandfather were both general contractors, and every attorney in the firm has some level of real experience in the construction field. The firm itself has roots in construction, as its first office was opened in New Orleans just two months after Hurricane Katrina, laying its foundation in the largest construction market the United States has ever seen. Wolfe Law Group doesn't just have a "Construction Law Practice Section," we're a construction law practice. Whatever legal issue your construction business faces, Wolfe Law Group can lend its expertise.

Wolfe Law Group - The Specialists in Construction Law

Construction law is a unique branch of the legal profession. Wolfe Law Group specializes in construction law, and is dedicated to the needs of the construction industry in Louisiana, California, Oregon and Washington. The the center of Wolfe Law Group is in not only representing the construction industry, but also contractors, suppliers and professionals of every size and speciality throughout the building trade. Construction involves more than acquiring the permits, completing the legal documents and hiring the contractors who will do the work. It is an industry littered with legal "land mines." Building in California will require careful understanding of California construction law. Contract drafting and review, mechanic liens and bond claims are some of the areas in which a California construction attorney from Wolfe can help. Louisiana construction law has many facets that have to be dealt with. Whether it be drafting and serving demand or opinion and research letters or answering lawsuits, these are some of the areas of expertise that can be provided by a Louisiana construction attorney from Wolfe. Washington construction law can be similar in many ways to the laws of other states, but can also have unique requirements. An attorney from Wolfe can help in proceedings to remove a lien, draft a letter demanding the removal of a lien, or provide an initial consultation. Wolfe Law Group specializes in performing both custom and high-quality legal representation and services at an affordable flat rate. For a business seeking the services of a California construction attorney, Wolfe offers telephone consultation with the opposing attorney; legal advice in the particular areas of concern; drafting, filing and delivery of bonds or bond claims, complaints or demand letters; the filing of service fees; the discussion of legal options, or representation at legal proceedings. The same services are available to a business seeking the assistance of a Louisiana construction attorney. The Wolfe Group is fanatically focused on the two most important things in construction law - the construction process and its client. And being geared towards entrepreneurs, Wolfe functions with the mind of a lawyer, while having the heart of a contractor. When a construction business needs help dealing with California construction law, Wolfe will be there to provide guidance. When the rules of Louisiana construction law are in doubt, Wolfe can answer those questions. And when it comes to Washington construction law, Wolfe can help its client avoid missteps and deal with any complication that may arise. The dedication and efficiency of Wolfe can be traced to its roots, which grew out of the construction industry. Both its founding father and grandfather were general contractors, and every attorney employed by the firm has real experience in the construction field. But Wolfe is more than a construction law firm. It's based in and dedicated to the community, with convenient locations rather than offices hidden away in downtown skyscrapers. Its commitment to the communities it serves comes through involvement and support of trade and local associations and its active support of the construction industry. It also offers a comprehensive website, with RSS feeds, electronic news and documentation that combine to create the most complete collection of free construction law information available on the net. Its news and articles page in fact comprise a huge compilation of articles about construction law that are written in an easy-to-understand style, dealing with such issues as surety bonds, bidding, building codes, safety regulations and many other aspects of the field. It's easy to see how Wolfe Law Group was named a "Leader in Law" four years in a row. For more information, visit its website at www.wolfelaw.com