Construction Law

Construction projects always involve many parties, large sums of money, multiple tasks, government regulations, economic considerations and even mother nature. It almost goes without saying, therefore, that construction projects are always complex and risky.

Regardless of your role in a construction project, its important to have sound legal advice and support.

From a contractor’s perspective, having a well-written construction contract, intimately understanding lien laws and having an attorney on call in the case of a dispute can be invaluable to your company’s well-being and bottom line.

From a owner’s perspective, it’s important to sign construction contracts with fair terms that provide the contractor with payments only as work is performed, and in the case of a dispute, to handle the situation according to the terms of your contractual agreement.

In short, construction projects are oftentimes riddled with disputes, and the stakes are always high. When you or your company is faced with a construction related legal issue, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Wolfe Law Group, L.L.C. focuses its practice on assisting those involved with construction projects – contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, homeowners and other property owners.

We would be excited about joining you or your team to protect your interests in a construction project or dispute.