Green Building

When parties agree to build “green,” a complex and untested round of contract negotiations begins, and these negotiations have potentially severe consequences.

While “green building” is gaining steam across the nation, green building contracts have yet to be seriously contested or litigated in the courts. Unfortunately, this means parties to a green building project must be extra-careful that their contract adequate outlines their agreement.

The traditional form contracts distributed by the AIA or ConsensusDOCS organizations fail to address green building trends and issues, and so parties to a green building contract would be prudent to hire counsel to draft provisions to lay out the green building agreement.

Wolfe Law Group has written extensively about green building standards, contracting and litigation on its Construction Law Monitor blog, and understands the legal issues present at the dawn of any green building contract.

Wolfe Law Group Members, Scott G. Wolfe, Jr. and Douglas S. Reiser, are LEED Accredited Professionals who can offer counseling on the various measures required of Green Building projects.

We can help advise your organization of the risks associated with green building projects, and help draft contract provisions to properly characterize your organization’s agreement and limit any unnecessary exposure. Our firm is also well-suited to represent you in a green building dispute or litigation.